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O.V. Soldatkina B. Ozansoy Kasap B. Akata Kurç S.V. Dzyadevych

Kyiv, Ukraine

Ankara, Turkey

Zeolites are an important group of minerals for industrial and other purposes. They combine rarity, complexity and unique crystal habits [1]. Formed in cracks or cavities of volcanic rocks, zeolites are a result of a very slow progressive metamorphism. Some of them, which are formed due to barely perceptible heat and pressure, can be called metamorphic only conditionally whereas others are found in obviously metamorphic regimes. Zeolites are of great interest due to their high surface areas, rigid and well defined pore structures, thermal stabilities, and tailorable surface charges with respect to other types of nanomaterials [2]. Particularly nano-sized pores of zeolites can be adjusted to precisely determined uniform openings allowing the molecules smaller than the pores diameter to be adsorbed. Various size of pores in synthetic zeolites opens up a wide range of possibilities in terms of sieving molecules of different size or shape from gases and liquids [3, 4]. Finally, zeolites are known to be stable under both wet and dry conditions and well-tolerated by microorganisms, which provides an enhanced compatibility with biochemical analyses [4]. All these properties make zeolites unique nanomaterials and promising candidates for the immobilization of biological molecules and for advanced analytical tasks.