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Nazarova Ziyoda

Termez, Uzbekistan

Children possess a variety of interests and have gathered a great deal of knowledge that needs to be tapped in the learning setting. By interacting with other students and their classroom teacher, students acquire new knowledge, incorporating it into their own knowledge bank. By probing to seek the answers to relevant questions about the world in which they live, children develop the ability to summarize, analyze, and evaluate. They adopt new learning strategies and begin to rely on their creative and critical thinking skills. Effective teachers respect their students. They also run a well-organized classroom. By learning within an atmosphere of warmth and trust, children possess a sense of security and of belonging. They can't wait to get to school, to be a part of class activities, to share ideas, and to learn new things. The classroom is student centered, with the teacher serving as a facilitator of the learning process.[1, p. 169]