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Григорян Астгик Оганесовна

Ереван, Армения

Writing a textbook is not an easy task. There are a lot of requirements a textbook compiler has to meet. First of all writing a textbook requires from the author good knowledge of the material, energy, responsibility, diligence and patience. Then a strong, clear writing style as well as excellent research skills are needed. Reading, understanding, and writing about many subjects is the imperative of this kind of a difficult and responsible task. Another step is to find the items corresponding to the chosen theme. A clear, concise writing style is essential, as well as excellent grammar and spelling skills. It’s very important to keep the text simple, interesting and informative. The author must set up teaching goals and define the skills for the learners to attain by the completion of the course.The author should also take into consideration who the textbook is addressed to as well as the level of the students.