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Раджабова Дилноза Анваровна


In connection with the modernization of the structure and content of education caused by the socio-political and economic changes in our society, the status of a foreign language as a school subject has also changed. Language is the most important means of communication, which is essential for the existence and development of human society .This makes it necessary to rethink the goals and objectives, content and technology of teaching foreign languages, taking into account the already accumulated domestic and foreign methodical experience. The use of innovative technologies in teaching English and other school subjects is important. Multimedia tools brings the learning process to a new level. Interactive whiteboard is a new intellectual tool for teachers. Using this miracle of modern technology in every classroom as visual-illustrative method as grammar trainer and trainer of skills makes the lessons more interactive. Admittedly students get from it great benefit and pleasure. Students can simultaneously see, hear, read, recite, write, play, sing, watch movies, work on different disks and much more.