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Абдурахмонова Мавлуда Содиковна

Ташкент, Узбекистан

Most of us, teachers, while being students used to study the following way: reading too much, learning too many different texts and poems by heart, speaking a little and having almost no creative kinds of study. And, the same way, most of us work with our students. And both teachers and students feel lack of communication in such a situation. Different interactive activities, debates and round table discussion help to make our students more active and the atmosphere in the classroom livelier. On of activates of this kind is role-play. Role-play not only makes the students speak and think creatively, but also gives a chance for each of the student in the group to press his or her ideas. Of course, it is not easy to make students present a role-play. Using this activity the teacher should be very attentive to this students; he or she should think over a topic very carefully because one group of students may easily create a role-play for a definite topic and another cannot at all. Thus, not only the students’ knowledge but their interests should be taken into consideration while choosing a topic.