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Райхан Бағила

(Алматы, Қазақстан)

Abstract. Gender of linguistics is a scientific direction that studies sociocultural sex. In the English grammar, the word "gender" is translated as the word "sex", and if to say more accurately it means a breed or a species. In 1970- 1980`s, scientists in their scientific research, in addition to the concept of "biological sex," introduced the concept of "gender." Sex is a biological concept, gender is a sign of speech behavior in sociocultural communication between people of different sexes. The term "gender" indicates differences between different sexes, not in the biological meaning, but in the sociocultural one. If the "gender" indicates biological signs of "men" and "women", then gender indicates the changes manifested by sociocultural influence. In recent years, the issue of gender differences in language has begun even more be interested by sociologists, psychologists, journalists and writers.

Key words: gender differences, research conditions, research stage.