Владелец Число скачиваний: 329

Makhmudxodja Isaev, Utkir Djuraev

Tashkent state technical university

(Tashkent, Uzbekistan)

Abstract: Currently, the actual problem is the study of physical processes occurring in the bulk and on the surface and in the surface layers of single-crystal semiconductor, in particular silicon during diffusion doping, produce deep levels. First of all, the need for these studies due to the fact that during the diffusion doping semiconductors material silicon is possible materials compensated with given electro physical, photo electric and optical properties. In a previous work performed on the study of doped samples, the focus is mainly focused on a bulk part of the crystal obtained by removing the surface region, since it is considered as if the caller is not disturbed and practical intereset. However, for in depth study of the process of diffusion of elements needed to deal with such important issues as the physics education at the highly doped surface area, the nature of the formation of metal silicides, which are quite different from metals and semiconductors, as well as occurring in the near surface physical and chemical processes ( mutual diffusion, the solid-phase reaction, and others ) Silicides of transition elements are formed on the surface of the silicon can be used to create a barrier schottky and ohmic contacts in integrated circuit technology, that perform the function of gates and interconnects. In this regard, if we consider the formation of silicide by a metallurgical interaction between the metal and silicon captive, then the subsequent high- temperature heat treatment, promotes diffusion alloyed silicon, leading to the formation of the profile of the carrier density it requires a comprehensive research of the mechanism of admixture in volume of the crystal and their interactions with the matrix ( core ) atoms of the crystal and with technological impurities and structural defects. In this study of silicide in the surface region in the process of diffusion doping of silicon it self is relevant, and the formation of the concentration profile of the carries in surface region opens new ways to create semiconductors device.

Keywords: structure, doping, barrier, silicide, specific resistance, vacuum.